Baptiste Foundation Sanctuary - Burned

news Dec 18, 2017

 Help us build a home for Baptiste Yoga.

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that we announce our beloved space—the Baptiste Sanctuary in Ojai, CA—is among the countless other homes and properties to have succumb to the raging California fires. The structures, bridges and much of the vegetation are completely gone.

The Baptiste Sanctuary (a Baptiste Foundation project) was intended to be a home for Baptiste Yoga; a place to heal the past, create new health, embark on a modern-day vision quest; a place to become attuned to the here and now, and understand that the relationship between self, body and world is an intensely communicative process that’s continually created and recreated.

It is in this moment of immense loss that we are reminded of Shiva's Ring of Fire, which represents the eternal cyclical nature of existence—destruction and creation, death and rebirth. The fire that destroys also purifies and, as the cycle continues, offers rebirth.

We are committed to creating a vibrant space to support leaders in the achievement of transforming lives, in an effort to make our world a brighter, more conscious place. The Baptiste Sanctuary will be reborn anew. If you would like to help make this a reality, donate here


Here are some heart-breaking before and after pictures of the Sanctuary by Luke Baptiste. Follow Luke on Instagram: @lukebaptiste

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