It's Getting Real, Folks!

updates what's new Nov 12, 2017

Hello, everyone!

As the majority of 2017 passes into the rear-view mirror, we at are shifting in the next - transformative - gear. What lies ahead is terrifically exciting, and we want to share our plans. But first, some context:

Last winter, Baron pulled members of his team close and gave us a goal: he wanted to make Baptiste Methodology available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of geography or demographics. The teachings are universal, he reminded us. The process works. So we took on this intimidating and lofty goal, and got to work. 

In June, we launched with a modest collection of audio and video classes and courses, and high ambitions. And since then, we've been busy as bees creating not just content, but the container for the Baptiste community to share and grow beyond physical walls.

Enter Livestreaming. Who among us hasn't been traveling, or moved to a new town, or simply too swallowed by the...

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