It's Getting Real, Folks!

updates what's new Nov 12, 2017

Hello, everyone!

As the majority of 2017 passes into the rear-view mirror, we at are shifting in the next - transformative - gear. What lies ahead is terrifically exciting, and we want to share our plans. But first, some context:

Last winter, Baron pulled members of his team close and gave us a goal: he wanted to make Baptiste Methodology available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of geography or demographics. The teachings are universal, he reminded us. The process works. So we took on this intimidating and lofty goal, and got to work. 

In June, we launched with a modest collection of audio and video classes and courses, and high ambitions. And since then, we've been busy as bees creating not just content, but the container for the Baptiste community to share and grow beyond physical walls.

Enter Livestreaming. Who among us hasn't been traveling, or moved to a new town, or simply too swallowed by the logistics of life and family and unable get to our favorite studio to practice? Our answer to this is to bring Baptiste classes to anyone with an internet connection, both live and on-demand. It's early days, but even now, we're offering up to five classes each day on our livestream from studios around the country. 

On any given day, you could practice with Brandon Companone or Naima Workman at Baptiste Power Yoga Boston; Sean and Jen Silvera at Baptiste Yoga San Francisco; Laura Rust at BIG Power Yoga in Denver; Shannon Rolston and Krystal Say at SWEAT Power Yoga in East Longmeadow, MA -- and others. 

More studios are coming online each week. We are building livestreaming capacity at Oui Power Yoga in Lafayette, Louisiana; Evolution Power Yoga in Pennsylvania; Grace and Glory in New Jersey, 90 Degrees North Power Yoga in Michigan, studios in Nairobi and Tel Aviv, and studios we can't even tell you about yet. 

Next up: community building. We want to be a resource, a refuge, a sounding board, and above all, a place where members of our far-flung yet tight-knit Baptiste community can be both seen and heard. We're working with our web developer heroes to build social integration capacity into our platform, which will make the experience of practicing and sharing yoga through more functional, easy, fun, and meaningful. 

Coming soon: more custom course content. Members already have access to Baron's Perfectly Imperfect course. We plan to bring more courses to the platform, including an immersive Digital 40 Days program that can stand alone or enrich an in-studio training experience, as well as Bootcamps, Masterclasses, and more, some of which we've already filmed in partnership with Yoga Journal.

Members of will continue to get privileged and exclusive access to special content - keep an eye out for newsletters that come straight to your inbox for these gems. There's a top-secret practice we just filmed at Level I in Sedona, Arizona with Paige Elenson (!!) coming your way soon - if you're on our mailing list, that is. ;)

This blog post could go on and on - there's so much going on and in the works. Suffice it to say that things are happening, and fast. Expect change - no, expect transformative change - both from us, and yourself. So tune in often, and grow along with us!






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