Try On Some Stillness . . . with Baron Baptiste


Try on some stillness with a free 10-minute meditation led by Baron Baptiste. Recorded live at a Baptiste Yoga Level Three Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico.

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Have 10 Minutes? Meditate with Baron!

baron free meditation space May 11, 2018

Life comes at us fast. So fast. Too fast. And in our modern world, we're often over-scheduled and stretched thin. If we find our selves with 10 extra minutes, it takes effort to not fill that time with more doing. 

Have 10 minutes? Try this:

Sit down, close the door, and press play. Baron Baptiste will guide you through the rest - which is astonishingly simple: your seat, your breath, your hands - repeat.


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Snow Day? Practice yoga with your peeps anyway!

community giveaway snow day Mar 13, 2018

SWEAT Power Yoga and have your back this snowy Tuesday.  Practice with us from wherever you are!

Join us for a free class taught by Baptiste-certified teacher Shannon Rolston of SWEAT Power Yoga in East Longmeadow, MA in this sweaty, 60-minute Journey Into Power yoga class! Fear no snow day!


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Presence - practice with Laura Tropea


Presence -  by Laura Tropea


Presence.  The state of acting or occurring as present in a time or place. To get present.

When I first started practicing yoga I would hear teachers say “be present,” “be here;” in fact, one of my own teacher’s favorite quotes is, “now here or nowhere;” and it wasn’t until recently I began to really experience the act of getting present on my mat, in my meditation practice and ultimately in my life.  You see, I couldn’t access the present moment, because I was a paper chaser; no, not the kind who sought out dollar bills, as M.I.A. rallies on in Paper Planes, but rather the paper chaser who sought degrees, accolades and paper to distinguish, determine, validate who I was in the world.  All this paper was clouding my perception and in turn my ability to get present.

It wasn’t until I heard a yoga teacher instruct a student who was struggling during a question...

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Expanding Access to the Journey Into Power flow

In this post, Baptiste-certified master teacher, and Evolution Power Yoga studio owner Lisa Taylor shares the creation story of this Journey Into Power yoga flow, as adapted for a chair practice - a practice she developed for a dear friend with a willing spirit and some physical challenges. Try the practice yourself - or share with a friend who may find within new opening, space and possibility.

Andy’s Yoga

If there is one consideration in dedicating myself to the pursuit of yoga as a tool anyone can use, it makes my heart sad when a person counts themselves out. I love yoga for the freedom and confidence I have been able to access for myself. My urge to give others the same access to whatever they are meant to get from their practice is pronounced.

A turning point moment in my experience of yoga occurred when I was assisting my teacher, Baron Baptiste, as he toured the country in support of a collaboration with Dr. Elliot Frohman, a specialist in the study and treatment of...

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"My Secret Weapon" - Guest Blogger Lisa Taylor!

guest blogger lisa taylor Jan 30, 2018

My Secret Weapon
By Lisa Taylor

The first time I taught a private yoga lesson I had only been a yoga teacher for two years and my experience was limited to the teaching of set-sequence style group classes. I will never forget this first student. We could not have been more different; I was in my 30's, flexible and physically active. He was in his 60's accustomed to a desk job with a few pounds to lose and injuries to manage. We were both uncomfortable and a little bit nervous. Standing on his mat waiting for me to indicate what to do first he towered over me. At this moment, time suddenly stood still. I looked around the room, looked at my student, and began to sweat. I felt unprepared, panic ensued. It occurred to me I would not be able to teach the way I always did, speaking anonymously to a large group of willing students. I would need to do something different and do it fast, but what?

Until the-moment-when-time-stood-still, my way of teaching could be described as auto-pilot. I...

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EXPAND YOUR POWER (200 HOUR) Teacher Training

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2018

Take a peek inside a recent Expand Your Power 200-Hour teacher training - this one was held in Kenya in April 2017. 

In this 200 hour training program, discover for yourself how Baptiste Yoga and the Baptiste Methodology applies both on and off the mat through yoga asana, meditation, discussion, personal inquiry, contribution, community building, hands-on coaching, assisting and practice teaching. Experience the freedom and effectiveness that emerges from this inspired and embodied practice of Baptiste Yoga.

It will change not only your teaching, but your life.

Interested? Learn more, find a training, and sign up HERE.

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Uncategorized Jan 18, 2018


“My ego screams out that there is so much to do, but I’ve learned that staying present in anything is a practice. As often as I forget and get distracted, I must remember and simply begin again.” —Baron Baptiste, 40 Days To Personal Revolution

Come the end of January, there’s a societal tendency to fall into the trap of busy-ness. What can get impacted are the powerful intentions we set for ourselves. We see this narrative get played out in the way people talk about how new year's resolution are bound to fail. Yet, failure is a guarantee in growth, so it’s wise to expect failures on the path of new resolutions. What if, after a failure, instead of giving up our vision for our lives, we gave ourselves permission to begin again?


  1. From a standing position, come to your hands and knees.
  2. Point your toes so the tops of your feet are flat on that mat.
  3. Keep your big toes together and widen your knees to the...
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Baptiste Foundation Sanctuary - Burned

news Dec 19, 2017

 Help us build a home for Baptiste Yoga.

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that we announce our beloved space—the Baptiste Sanctuary in Ojai, CA—is among the countless other homes and properties to have succumb to the raging California fires. The structures, bridges and much of the vegetation are completely gone.

The Baptiste Sanctuary (a Baptiste Foundation project) was intended to be a home for Baptiste Yoga; a place to heal the past, create new health, embark on a modern-day vision quest; a place to become attuned to the here and now, and understand that the relationship between self, body and world is an intensely communicative process that’s continually created and recreated.

It is in this moment of immense loss that we are reminded of Shiva's Ring of Fire, which represents the eternal cyclical nature of existence—destruction and creation, death and rebirth. The fire that destroys also purifies and, as the cycle continues, offers rebirth.

We are...

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Voices from our community!

stories testimonials Dec 07, 2017


We at MyBaptistePractice think this platform is the best thing ever, but don't take our word for it! Hear what Kate, Juan and Shannon have to say about how they are able to practice where they are, anytime, anywhere.

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